This product was finished to sale.
The development of this product was finished. 2007/4/25
The download service was finished, too. 2007/5/20

It is another product though Picture Exhibitor F of the new series makes up for the feature of this product.
Though of course the performance as well is different, a price, a license, and so on are especially different. Check them before you purchase it.
Pictures Manager/Convertor
Picture Exhibitor Z
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.PictureMoreZ High function edition
.PE-MUZ High function edition
.Picture ExhibitorZ Reasonable edition
.Net Correct
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  • For the selection of the photograph of the digital camera
  • For the image reduction/compression of the WEB site/email attached photograph/image
  • For the collective file names change
  • For the management of the image such as a Windows application/presentation/postcard/name card
Picture ExhibitorZ is Picture File Manager on Windows XP, 2000, NT4.0, ME(Millennium Edition), 98 .
With Picture ExhibitorZ, You can watch ( on viewer, exhibit in folder ), convert, rename, copy, move files and folders .
Picture ExhibitorZ is Low Price Version of PE-MUZ .

  • Picture Types
    • Reading & Writting --- GIF, BMP, JPEG (EXIF, OLYMPUS are included), JPEG-2000(JP2,J2K,JPC), PNG, TIFF, ICO, CUR, ANI, AVI, TGA, XBM, XPM, PCX, PIX, RAS, Other
    • Reading Only --------- PCD, PSD, MPG, WMF, PCT, EXE, DLL(WINDOWSApplication Resouces)
    • You can get from TWAIN Device .
  • You can select Files on exhibit in folder
    • The color change of the image list area was made possible. ( View -> Files List Color )
    • You can set Picture exhibitting Size, Small, Midium, Big Or Free Size ( 120 - 400 Pixel ).
    • You can set Picture exhibitting Order By, Name, Time, File Extent Or File Size, Up Or Down .
    • You can see Picture exhibitting information with, Animation Mark and Interlace Mark .
    • You can select Pictures with exhibitting in folder, very easy .
    • You can change a file or folder name .
    • You can paste on ClipBoard .
    • You can change WallPaper .
    • You can create New Folder .
    • You can keep your exhibitting 8 folders .
    • We syncronize your folder lists and Exhibitting files .
    • You can use with Net Work ( LAN ) .
  • You are easy to copy , move and delete files with Cut-Command, Copy-Command and Paste-Command. ( To Other Application , From Other Application )
  • You are easy to copy , move files with Drag And Drop . ( To Other Application , From Other Application )
  • You are easy to convert Files to GIF, BMP, JPEG, JPEG-2000(JP2,J2K,JPC), ICO, CUR, ANI, PNG, TIFF, AVI, TGA, XBM, XPM, PIX, RAS, other .
    • Files to be used on WEB ( GIF, JPEG, PNG ) .
    • Files to be used on Windows Application ( BMP, ICO, CUR, ANI, AVI ) .
    • You can get data from Windows Application ( EXE, DLL ) .
    • Picture with Transparent BackGround Color ( GIF, ICO, CUR, ANI, PNG ) .
    • Picture with Interlace ( GIF, PNG ) .
    • Destination Picture Size ( select Pixel Size , Percent Size or Thumbnail Size )
    • Destination Picture Angle ( select 90 , 180 or 270 )
    • Destination Picture Colors
    • Destination Delay of Animation Picture ( GIF, ANI, AVI ) .
    • Destination Loop of Animation Picture ( GIF ) .
  • You can rename Files ( with Automatic Numbering , with Automatic Big charctor or Small charactor ) .
  • On Viewer, you can watch Animation Files ( GIF, ANI, AVI ), Multi page Picture File ( multi TIFF ) and other picture files .
    • Multi page Picture File ( multi TIFF ) with changing next page time .
    • Zoom-In , Zoom-Out .
  • On Slide-Show, you can watch Animation Files ( GIF, ANI, AVI ), Multi page Picture File ( multi TIFF ) and other picture files .
    • Multi page Picture File ( multi TIFF ) with changing next page time .
    • with Automatic Slide .
  • On Property, you can set comments of Picture File ( BMP, GIF, JPEG, ANI, PNG, TIFF ) .
  • On Open , you can set Open-Application of each type of Picture File .
    • with Same Explorer .
  • You can print exhibitting pictures .
  • Chosen image files can be printed by the DPI value held in the image file.
  • Excute commands with Short-Cut-Key .
  • Excute 256 colors display mode or Over Mode .
  • This software can be used with the environment of English and Japanese.
Full DownLoad Picture ExhibitorZ (Pictures Manager) Version1.30
File Name picexz13.exe(Automatic decompless)
Size 3,655,952 Byte
Update 4/24/2006 (This version)
Install picexz13.exe(Automatic decompless, Automatic Install) running
Devloper Oscar Creation
System requirements Windows XP, 2000, NT4.0, ME(Millennium Edition), 98
Registration Method
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Limitations These are the following limitations when used under the conditions when the users are not registered.
  • A comment establishment function to the image with the property dialog can't be used.
  • An image list is printed with the message asking for user registration.
  • Others.